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Quality should speak for itself.

You cannot tolerate errors or delays in the development and assembly of your product. You expect it to be delivered on time, to work perfectly and to meet all the requirements. Which is why, from the outset, Electro-Watt pays close attention to a carefully defined production process. We record all the relevant details of every client and every order in our logistical information system. The right specifications, the quality standards to be met, the components to be used and the acceptable alternatives. This approach guarantees absolute reliability and perfect process management throughout.

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Quality standards at Electro-Watt

It should go without saying that you can trust the quality of our products absolutely. So our ISO 9001-2000 certified quality system is digitally documented.

This allows every employee to access all relevant procedures and work instructions from their own desk. If required, we can incorporate your own specific quality requirements into our system. So all member of staff can see instantly what rules apply to their work with your product.

Naturally, Electro-Watt applies the IPC standards for technical product requirements and production methods. These are integrated into our quality system.

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