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Who we are: Electro-Watt

Who we are: Electro-Watt

Have you never heard of Electo-Watt?

You are almost certainly familiar with our work. You come across us everywhere. Whenever you stop at traffic lights, make a telephone call or use the photocopier at work. We operate in many market segments, including industrial computer systems, medical electronics, measurement and control engineering and data and telecommunications.

For more than 60 years, Electro-Watt has been assembling PCBs, wiring harnesses and complete electronic products. Whatever challenge you set us, we can help you find the ideal solution: the best design, the best selection of components and the best combination of quality, delivery time and price.

Our philosophy

Awkward questions? Welcome to Electro-Watt.

  • Demanding technical requirements?
  • Tight production schedule?
  • Strict specifications?
  • Last-minute design changes?

Awkward questions? Not for Electro-Watt. For us every job represents a challenge. The challenge of devising the best possible answers to all your questions. Your product is our product and, like you, we are only satisfied when it is perfect.

Our history

More than 50 years of experience

Electro-Watt was founded in 1947. In our early years we focused upon the production of high-precision and electrical devices and upon business electronics and security systems. Since then Electro-Watt has developed into a company supplying a very wide range of electronic products: from PCB assemblies to the development of complex systems.

Since its foundation, the company has been based at Hilversum, a central location in the Netherlands.

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